Material Sourcing


Our group right here at UCHEERFUL seating, are knowledgeable workmen with years of ability and also developed workmanship, consequently when it involves sourcing our very own materials, whether it’s the hardwood for producing the frame, the foam or fiber for the cushioning of the product or the textile or natural leather for furniture, our team just resource and also pick the really finest to make sure every one of our products are made to the criterion our company believe our customers deserve.

Frame Making


Structures are formed with the help of our accurate nail guns and are shaped consistently by our workers to meet a dimensional error margin of ± 2MM. Once done, our structures will no longer make any sounds when shaken and will be stable.

Material Cuttings


Once the frame is complete, the next step would be to cut the material of the product. All material cutting is completed by one of our highly trained employees with years of experience.


Our specialist cutters will use a variety of material cutting styles such as individual cutting or bulk Eastman cutting to ensure all of our products are produced to the highest quality. Our cutters will use patterns for each individual design which they would create themselves, to ensure every batch of product is identical in shape.


As well as material cuttings, sewing will be an aspect of this process. There are a variety of sewing techniques when it comes to furniture making.



A layer of polyurethane foam is cut and attached to the board, followed by the springs and serpentine nets to keep secure each seat. For our seat bags, we add latex materials to give them added stability for longer periods. Filling allows our furniture pieces to maintain a precise shape and fit specified sizes for the comfort your end users seek.



Adding furniture coverings to our filled seats gives every sofa and furniture piece excellent cushioning and elegant appearance. Our upholstery increases service life for your furniture line while delivering on the comfort and appearance effect your end users seek.


Covering our furniture pieces with a non-woven cover prevents dust from entering. Wrapping cardboard around the sofa body and feet protects the corners from damages. All furniture pieces are cushioned with cotton felt bags and PP woven bags while shipping marks are pasted on the packaging.